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QR4 Professional QR code services and solutions

Dynamic QR Codes

dynamicChangeable content QR Codes provide the ability to deliver different content based on your changing needs. A QR code system that can adapt and change with you as your business and marketing needs evolve. QR code solutions for an ever changing mobile world.

QR Code Platform

platformCreation, management and handling of dynamic QR codes. Full service offering supporting display and print media. Secure and protected data storage. Comprehensive management console to configure, edit and monitor your dynamic QR codes.

Analytics & Tracking

tracking-statisticsCreate and monitor marketing campaigns comparing trends and usage. Measure the impact of QR code implementations on your marketing campaigns. Advanced tracking, statistics and analytics give insight to scan behavior and trends.


consultancyAvoid the pitfalls of QR codes. QR4 has extensive knowledge of the do's and don'ts in diverse market segments. We help you achieve the results you deserve by assisting you with mobile marketing campaign planning and execution, delivering you a better ROMI.

QR code generator software and programs

Providing the world's most advanced QR code generation software.

QR Software for Websites

WebsiteBrilliant QR Code generator for creating compact bitmap QR codes with color and transparency.


QR Software for Desktops

DesktopQR generator for office use purposes, comes with a ready to use QR Code application.


QR Software for Servers

ServerEfficient high speed vector and bitmap QR code production. Ideal for the printing industry. Generates vector QR codes.


Custom QR Software

CustomSpecial purpose or custom QR code application development. Process embedding and integration. With RESTfull API.



Free QR Code Generators to test with

Our blog hosts a wide variety of free to try QR Code generators, QR Code Generator API's as well as on-line QR Code decoding tools. Feel free to try these and find out what QR codes can do for you and your business.


Earth-iconQR code that links directly to your responsive mobile friendly website.


Email-iconSend pre created emails via scanning a QR code.


Phone-iconDirect dialing to place a call to a telephone number.


sms-iconText message (SMS) to any telephone number.


mecard-iconExchange simple contact information via a QR code


vCard-iconExchange business contact information with a QR Codes


calendar-iconCalendar event for a mobile phone agenda.


WiFi-iconAndroid activate WiFi connection access via QR code.


Text-iconPut a text message into a QR code.


Maps-iconActivate maps showing a specific location


logoonEmbed company logo or graphics into a QR code


Navigation-iconActivate GPS navigation to a specific location.

Advanced QR Code Generator API

Navigation-icon QR Codes underwater via the QR4 QR Code API. Support for various types of codes, including vCard. Supports bitmap and vector output, color and transparency settings. Easy to implement with just one line of code.

Vector QR Code Generators

ScalableA variety of vector QR code generators producing EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and PDF (Portable Document Format). These scalable QR codes are ideal for the printing and publishing trade as they maintain their quality irrespective of what size they are used.

At present and until further notification, all the free public QR code generators at https://blog.qr4.nl are enabled and capable of generating various vector QR codes. To make use of these free vector QR codes, see the instructions below.

Vector QR code settings

The benefits of vector QR codes is they remain sharp and clear, no matter what size you make them. Ideal for printing on documents like badges or business cards.

Two colour models are supported RGB (red green blue) for use with displays like mobile phone or monitor screen and CMYK (cyan magenta yellow black) which is used in the printing industry.

Supported vector types are:

  • EPS Encapsulated PostScript
  • PDF Portable Document Format
  • SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
  • WMF Windows Meta File (OLD)
  • XAML Extensible Application Markup Language
  • HTML Hyper Text Markup Language

First select the colour model you require (RGB for screen display or CMYK for printing purposes), then select one or more of the vector types you require. Generate the QR code and then by clicking on the vector type text next to the selection box, you can download the QR code(s).

The vector QR code generators at blog.qr.4.nl are free to use with no strings attached. However if used and it adds value to your product or service, then please consider donating a small token of appreciation.

Vector QR code panel

WiFi vector QR code test example.

Vector QR code settings