"Custom unique interactive mobile landing pages 'catering for people on the move'.
Effective and efficient presentation and interaction is key."

Mobile Websites

mobile-iconUnderstanding mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is key to a successfull mobile web presence.

Understanding mobile users and how and when they use Internet is important. Normal websites designed for computers just won't cut it.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Is your website 'fat finger' proof?

Landing Pages

landin-iconFirst impressions count, specially for mobile people on the move.

Ensuring that the message is brought accross effectively and efficiently in a user friendly way is key in getting interaction, new prospects and satisfied customers.

We know mobile devices and unsderstand mobile users, delivering best of breed mobile landing pages for your business.

HTML5 'Apps'

HTML5-iconNew technology for web driven rich conent like HTML5 allows us to develop 'Web Apps'.

At a fraction of the cost of a native application, these apps are device independant and can run on any smartphone, tablet and computer, irrespective of make, model or type and can even run when no access to networks are available.

HTML5 mobile apps offer rich features for providing better services and interaction with users.

Integration & Feeds

integration-iconLeverage your current website content. In many cases mobile services can be integrated into presently running webservices or run parallel to then using the same content as source.

Use the same CMS (content management system) to drive both web and mobile services.

Connect to e-commerce product and service feeds to mobile friendly web services and expand your sales into the m-commerce arena.