"Imagine if current everyday technology could help those with assistance at the right time and the right place. When they can manage by themself and also when they are unable to speak for themself.
It can already be done today! Helping those to help themselves when they can and when they cannot!"

Dual Service

dual purposeImagine a service that can assist and help people with medical conditions when they are able to help themselves and also when they are not able to speak for themselves.

A dual purpose health care QR coding system using modern technology and smartphones.

Supplying both realtime available surrounding important information for the patient and vital medical details for doctors and practitioners.


happy patientLocate and navigate to pharmacies and hospitals when in unfamiliar territories. Get real-time information on conditions (think of pollen counts etc.)

Should the unexpected happen (bee sting allergy etc.) then the QR code system can provide vital information for the response and medical team to ensure the correct medical treatment is applied in time.


challengeHow many people know what a QR Code is, what it can do and what to do with it?.

Do doctors, ambulance staff and hospitals have the knowledge and tools to use QR Codes?

Mentioning 'Digital Medical Dossier" in the Netherlands immediately sparks the 'privacy issue'.

How much personal/private medical information should be available to who and when?


conclusionQR codes used corectly can save lives. With these 2D codes becoming more mainstream and accepted and understood by the public at large they can be used to provide value added and life saving services.

Blog article on how QR Codes help save lives

With 'awareness campaigns' this could be an added value addition to the current 'MedicAlert' Foundation system.