"In 2012 more mobile devices made use of Internet services than computer systems."
"Mobile marketing is the emerging environment that marketers should get to know fast.

Mobile Markets

mobile marketsMarketers should not underestimate mobile marketing. They must understand that most conventional marketing tactics do not apply or work on small screen portable devices.

New markets bring new challenges. Let us help you on the road to mobile success.

Combining conventional with mobile digital marketing can expose new markets and increase sales.

On the move

moveUnderstanding your target market is half the work done already. People on the move do not have a lot time to read loads of text, zoom and scroll around, nor try to tap the correct link in a condensed list of options.

Keeping it simple, to the point and levering the interactivity of mobile devices is key to any successful mobile marketing campaign.


opportunitiesAs marketing medium, mobile devices have a wealth of features and options that are not possible with conventional marketing processes like magazines, posters, flyers, brochures, news papers and more.

Combining conventional and mobile marketing can be a powerfull sales tool if implemented in a correct manner.


euroIncrease your return on marketing investment by implementing mobile marketing in an appropriate way.

Make use of direct dail and 'call me back' features of smartphones. Use Maps and GPS ability to help people find and come to your business.

An example of a ready to use mobile marketing framework for any company as offered by ODOA.