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"Mobile Websites - First Impressions Count!"

HTC Mobile Website Emulator - QR4 Mobile Website Testing Service.

Visualize your website on the HTC 8X using Windows Phone operating system.

Enter the URL you want to test and the emulator will display what it looks like on a HTC 8X.

HTC 8X Mobile Website Presentation

Windows Phone Website Mobile Readiness Check

Web page address (URL): http://

How the Windows Phone emulator works

The URL you supply will be contacted as if a real HTC Windows Phone is making the request. The appropriate header strings are set and the the request dispatched. The resulting reply is received into a browser window the exact dimentions of the mobile device, rendered to an image and presented to you.

To determine how the browser emulator reacts and what it reports, you can use the mobile emulator test page url - https://www.qr4.nl/Browser-Info.htm.

What you see as result is exactly what a HTC user will see on their mobile phone if they go to the website you provided.

If the result is not clearly readable and easy to navigate, then we strongly recommend you do not use it with QR codes.

Alternatively, if you need advice on getting your website mobile friendly or setting up a responsive mobile website, you are always welcome to contact us.

The QR4 HTC 8X mobile browser emulator is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.