"Public transport services can benefit by utilizing new and exisitng technology to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. Saving time and costs for both service provider and commuter."


transport issuePlanes, trains and automobiles (also busses) what is the problem! When do public transport companies has the most problems with delays and meeting up with their schedules? Answer: Bad weather

bad-weather-bus-icon-iconWhen do commuters least want wait at a busstop or station? Answer: When it's raining and snowing.

Why must commuters go and wait in bad weather for transport services without knowing if and when the next transport will arrive?


solutionModern public transport services already use GPS to know exactly where which vehicle is.

Allow commuters to subscribe to bus stops they use frequently. Knowing how long it takes to get to given busstop, the commuter can check the status of the service and get notified if there is a delay, potentially leaving time for another coffee in the comfort of home instead of standing in the snow waiting.

Leverage your existing technology for the benefit of your clients


happy commuterUsing QR codes to identify specific routes and bus stops, a smart-phone can connect to the transport service. Giving live updates (or giving an alert signal when it's time to leave) as to when the bus will be at the stop is service that will be appreciated by consumers.

Customers are unhappy when companies do not deliver the goods. This is a customer service that can alleviate aggravation and create more satisfied customers.

A live simulation example.


conclusionMany (public) transport companies already use GPS to determine where their vehicles are. Very few use this technology for the satisfaction of their clients. Take Eindhoven for example: The solution here was to show commuters on an LCD panel exactly how long it will take for the next bus to arrive.

Fail: Commuters still have to go out in bad weather the the stop to see the delay!

Fail: These costly LCD panel solutions are still being installed in this day and age.