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Custom QR Codes

toolsDesigner or custom QR codes are standard QR codes that have been adapted to look aesthetically better to the eye.

By using a combination of color and images to create unique QR codes. Besides attracting attention it can also be used to brand a QR code, making it more identifiable.

Custom QR Code

Social Media

social mediaCombine mobile marketing with social-media, increasing interactivity and brand awareness.

Allow your audience to interact with your company, products or services using the social media channels of their preference.

Mobile marketing platforms make it easy integrate social media and to get and stay in contact with your audience.

Social Media QR Code

Video QR Codes

video-iconAdd audio and video to your printed matter to add value and enhance the user experience.

Know when to use video QR codes appropriately.

QR4 provides video authoring and streaming services as well as leveraging no cost public video services. We have a solution for every type of budget.

Video QR Code


informationAre you considering mobile marketing and want to know what to expect and what it will cost and earn before you start.

Contact us for sound professional advice on using QR Codes and mobile marketing.

Let us show you want mobile marketing can do for you and your business.

QR Code Presentation