"Tools, apps and services to read and decode the contents of QR codes."

Online Readers

online qr code readersDecode QR codes an Internet service. Either upload an image of a QR code or point to a picture of a QR code via a URL reference.

Online QR Code Reader

* Use syntax:

Mobile Readers

mobile qr code readersSearch online or in th appropriate app stores of the manufacturer of your mobile device for QR code reader applications. WARNING: Do not install the first best app you find, there are many on offer and the abilities and quality of these apps various enormousely!

Note: We do not endorse nor support any of the above readers.

Desktop readers

computer qr code readersApplications that can be run on desktop and laptop computers with the use of a webcam or other imaging device.

Handheld scanners

handheld qr code readersProfessional and industrial handheld 2D barcode scanners capable of reading QR codes.

Handheld devices fall into two catagories, simple and enhanced. The simple versions read the barcode data and pass the contents down the line to receiving application that then processes it.

Intellegent QR code handscanners have an onboard OS (WinCE). Applications can reside on the scanner itself and using wifi or wlan, they can interact in real-time with a network service.

Pricing ranges vary widely, starting at around 100+ € up to 2000+ € per unit.