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"Implementing and using the worlds most advanced QR code software."

Professional ISO QR Code Generation Software

Examples of processes, services and features implementing QR4's advanced QR code generation software

QR code blog

Full feature QR code blog with articles about QR codes, tips and tricks, tools, services and utilities. This site features a diverse range of fully functional QR code generators for non commercial use.

Advanced QR Code Blog

This online QR code service offers QR code generation providing bitmap and vector output for display and printing purposes. Both CMYK and RGB color models are supported. Try the fully functional online demo generators to see what QR codes can do for you and your business.

Custom QR code shop

The inspiration for this public shop was brought to us from beyond our borders. Meet Ch'ing-Wa Sheng the friendly frog that convinced us that custom QR codes could be made in seven easy steps.

This multilingual implementation is easy to use and able to create a wide variety of unique QR codes to meet the needs of ceative requirements. Think of the ability to make QR codes in the house style colors of your company, of have your logo embedded into the QR code. This implementation of the QR4 QR Code generator makes it possitble in six easy steps

Custom QR Code Shop


  • High Resolution QR Codes
    • 540 pixels
    • 720 pixels
    • 1080 pixels
    • Any resolution possible
  • Online e-commerce
    • Paypal
    • Any payment gateway compatible

QR Code Generator Software

QR4 provides three versions of the advanced QR code generator software to meet the requirements of diverse market needs. This enables our clients to embed and leverage the power of effective and efficient generation within their own applications, services and solutions.

Specifications of the advanced QR code generator driving the custom QR code shop can be found at the 'QR Code Software' site.