"Your adaptable dynamic and interactive mobile marketing environment."
"Cost effective mobile marketing for any company."

Mobile Marketing Solutions

The QR4 mobile marketing platform is a mobile device friendly content and interaction provider. With a rich feature set and the ability to interact with people online it is an effective and efficient tool that will get you up and running in the mobile environment in a matter of minutes.

Branding and Styling

registered trade markYour company logo prominently displayed. Background and text colors the same as your normal website using your housestyle colors. Enlarging your brand awareness and customer recognition.

Animation / Presentation

animation presentationPromote your services and products using a rich set of presentation methods which include audio, video, special offer banners and coupons as well as an interactive slideshow.

Action and Interaction

communication interactionInteract with online mobile users via your mobile marketing envronment by activating requests for subscriptions, ability to send you information or requests. Leverage social media by allowing online users to interact with you.

Value added features

added valueUse geolocation to track and make relevant offers. Activate real-time navigation to your location. Offer contact information that can be stored directly into the contact list. Tracking and tracing with extensive statistics and analytics.

Mobile Marketing Examples

Below are four mobile marketing platform examples. As these environments are adapatable at will by the owners, the actual content may be different as shown in the preview image. This environment can be activated using links in email, SMS and mobile friendly web pages as well as by using QR codes.

AV Unit Media AV Unit Media Mobile Marketing Environment

Falconcrest Falconry Falconcrest Falconry Mobile Marketing Environment

ODOA ODOA Mobile Marketing Environment

QR4 QR4 mobile marketing environment