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"Professional QR Code software, services and resources. For industrial and dynamic print processes.
A strategic barcoding tool no marketing agency, publisher or printer should be without."
"The worlds most advanced QR Code Server Software

QR Code Service

butlerWith proven extensive experience and knowledge of mass production industrial QR code systems and the creation of 'one-of-a-kind' custom QR Codes. We can say: 'We do with QR codes what others only dream about'.

QR Code Software

SoftwareWith more than 40 years experience in developing applications and software on â„¢Microsoft platforms for the graphics market. We understand that cost effective and efficient solutions are key to success.

Intelligent Objects

LoupeLink to online CMS systems for content syncronization, provide m-commerce for mobile sales support, interative user interfaces to gather and provide personalized information. Create secure QR Codes.


PhoneQR4 solutions are suitable for any size business, and offers intuitive business options. If you do run into problems we provide Full Service Support. To get and keep you up and running.

Website Generator

websiteQR generation software developed for creating high speed bitmap QR codes for use and display on websites and other display media. Easily integrates with IIS and PHP.

Desktop Software

desktopIdeal for integration with office applications on desktop computers, this QR generation library can create high speed QR codes for use with office documentation and other printed matter.

Server Software

serverProfessional QR code generation for inline and mass production. Supports bitmap and vector, RGB and CMYK color models Ideal for database driven batch production and for inline generation.

Custom Software

customQR Code pplications on demand. Think of automatic business card creation, QR code access control systems, dual purpose industrial track and track and customer service facilities .