"High performance generation of bitmap QR codes."
"Rich features to control creation and presentation."
"The worlds most advanced QR code generation software"

QR4 QR Code Software for websites

MicrosoftIntegrate professional QR code generation functions into your IIS and PHP websites. The modules in this webserver version are exactly the same as used for the QR code generators on 'https://blog.qr4.nl, all the features seen implemented here and more are possible using the advanced QR code generators from QR4.

System Requirments

  • Microsoft - 32bit or 64bit operating system
  • .Net 2.0 Framework (runtime) installed
  • An available USB port


  • Native 'image' as well as PNG and JPG output file formats for direct streaming or saving to file.
  • Full control of foreground and background colors.
  • Full alpha channel control for foreground (jpg + png) and backgoround (png) transparency and opacity.
  • Error correction encoding control.
  • Border (quite zone) control.
  • Automatic or manual module selection options.
  • Scalable bitmap image size.


Screenshots and links to implementations using the website QR code generation software.

Creating QR codes for maps and navigation

Cloudapp.net using QR4 website QR code software

Implementing QR Codes for social mdeia

Blog using QR4 website QR code software

Online Iamge and Logo embedding

Value added reseller using QR4 website QR code software

URL generator with color controls

Free QR code service using QR4 website QR code software


The QR4 QR Code Software for websites package costs 449 € (excl. VAT)

The only QR code software you will ever need.

It provides a dynamic rich feature set web based QR code generator allowing you to generate royalty free qr codes as you please. The software is 'per server' based meaning all websites on the same server can make use of the QR software. Provided with full documentation and sample code, our support services are available to assist with implementation and integration and can provide custom solutions specific to your needs.